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Our assessment team is comprised of psychologists specifically qualified to administer individual psychological tests and conduct thorough evaluations in an ethical, efficient, and insightful manner.


Meet Our Psychologists

Our team of experienced and compassionate psychologists provides the best possible care with our evidence-based approach to psychological assessments and individual treatment.

Wade Randall

Registered Psychologist

Brent Symes

Registered Psychologist

Carolynn Archibald

Registered Psychologist

Chelsey Novakovski

Registered Psychologist

Chad Martens

Registered Psychologist

Tim Landry

Registered Psychologist

Catherine Paton

Registered Psychologist

Connie Wood

Registered Psychologist

Erin Parsons

Registered Psychologist

Kelly-Ann Albrecht

Registered Psychologist

Meet Our Support Staff

Our support staff are the backbone of our clinic and work alongside our psychologists to ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day operations.

Trista Semashkewich

Office Manager

Krystie McMinn

Administrative Professional

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To address your child’s challenges, our tailored psychological assessments provide the information needed to get your child on the right path.

Parents and caregivers do not need a referral from a physician to make an appointment. Please contact us now to get started.