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Counselling & therapy for children & adolescents

We offer confidential and supportive counselling services for children and adolescents. Counselling is often helpful when the challenges faced in their daily lives become too difficult to manage alone.

Individual counselling sessions for children and adolescents

Children and young adults frequently experience the same issues as adults do, including anxiety, depression, and grief. The goal of counselling is to break down problems they are facing into manageable parts so they can better understand and cope with them.

We help empower children and adolescents by giving them the tools and skills they need to understand the issues they are experiencing – in a way they can process and understand. If left untreated, a child’s social and emotional problems and psychological distress can negatively impact their educational goals and developmental achievements

As a parent or caregiver, we know it can be difficult to cope with your child’s mental, social, emotional, or psychological problems and trauma, particularly when you feel like nothing is working or you can’t do anything to fix the situation. A child counselor can be of great assistance in these situations.


Counselling for children

The aim of our counselling services is to help children develop the ability to express themselves in a more healthy way, become more resilient, and find new and more positive ways to resolve issues.

Through therapy, children with social or emotional difficulties can gain communication, behavioural, problem-solving, and relationship-building skills.

Children with academic and social problems, learning difficulties, behavioral issues, anxiety, depression, grief, or anger, as well as those on the autism spectrum or with attention deficit issues, may benefit from therapy.

Our Process

What to expect

You can start the process by either calling our office or using our contact form.

We run a series of comprehensive tests that are highly effective in assessing strengths & challenges.

Get tailored recommendations that address your learning and/or emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Counselling for adolescents

During the tumultuous phases of growing up physically, emotionally, hormonally, sexually, socially, and academically young people are confronted with pressures and difficulties, which can seem overwhelming. As a result, many adolescents struggle with mental health issues due to the various pressures they face. 

Parents may also struggle during this period as they feel like nothing is working or you can’t do anything to fix the situation no matter how hard they try.

Our therapists can help adolescents grow into healthy, resilient, and independent adults. It can be a great relief for them to be able to speak to a counsellor about the issues they are dealing with, even if they are hesitant to do so initially. Having an outside ear to help them process their problems and promote health, safety, and growth can be of great benefit.

We can help them establish their own goals and learn how to regulate their moods, manage stress, and increase coping skills.

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Our team have a great deal of experience providing effective counselling to children and adolescents. We can help your child work through their emotions, so they can live normal healthy lives without the lasting effects of fear, confusion, anxiety, or trauma.

Parents and caregivers do not need a referral from a physician to make an appointment. Please contact us now to get started.