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Unlocking the Benefits of ASD Assessments

Early intervention and ongoing support can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals with ASD. We provide ASD assessments for children and adolescents suspected of having ASD in Edmonton and beyond that are required for referrals to multidisciplinary teams such as those at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital’s Neurodevelopmental and Autism Consultation Service.

Supporting Individuals and Families Affected by ASD

Please Note: At Randall Symes Psychological Services we do not make the diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. We do, however, provide thorough preliminary assessments that are required for referrals to multidisciplinary teams such as those at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital’s Neurodevelopmental and Autism Consultation Service. It is well documented and accepted that an ASD diagnosis is best made by a multidisciplinary team overseen by a developmental pediatrician.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects communication, social interaction, and behavior. It is referred to as a “spectrum” disorder because it can impact individuals in different ways and to varying degrees of severity.

ASD is typically identified in early childhood, usually between the ages of 2-3 years old, but it is important to note that some children may receive a diagnosis later in life. Additionally, it is more prevalent in boys than in girls.

Common characteristics of ASD include difficulty with social interaction and communication, delayed language development or challenges with nonverbal communication such as gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice, as well as restricted or repetitive behaviors, interests, or

Although there is no known cure for ASD, it is essential to emphasize that early intervention and ongoing support can make a significant difference in managing symptoms and improving quality of life.

We believe in the importance of providing comprehensive support for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) throughout their entire journey. That’s why we not only conduct psychoeducational evaluations for children and adolescents suspected of having ASD, but also offer ongoing assessments and support for those who are already diagnosed.

Our assessments are designed to monitor learning and support educational programming, as well as help with the transition to adulthood services. By staying involved and providing ongoing support, we can help individuals with ASD achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.


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How to Recognize the Symptoms of ASD

Identifying the symptoms of ASD is a crucial step towards early identification and intervention. Here are some common signs and symptoms that may be helpful in identifying ASD:

Children with ASD may struggle with basic social skills such as making eye contact, sharing emotions and interests with others, and understanding social cues. They may also resist close physical contact with caregivers.

Children with ASD may have delayed language development or may not develop language at all.

Children with autism may struggle with changes in routine or transitions from one activity to another.

They may be sensitive to certain sensory inputs such as loud noises, bright lights, or certain textures. It's important to remember that every child with autism is unique, and not all children will display the same symptoms.

It’s important to remember that every child with autism is unique, and not all children will display the same symptoms.

"Our ASD assessments are not just about diagnosing a disorder, but about understanding the unique needs and strengths of each individual."

Dr. Brent Symes. Senior Partner at Randall Symes Psychological Services

Comprehensive Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments

We understand that as a caring and attentive parent or caregiver, you want to ensure the best possible outcomes for your child or adolescent. If you have concerns that your loved one may be experiencing challenges related to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it’s important to seek a comprehensive evaluation from a qualified specialist.

A comprehensive evaluation can provide valuable insights into your child’s unique situation and help determine if ASD is contributing to the challenges they may be experiencing.

In addition to evaluating for ASD, it’s also important to rule out any other medical conditions that may be contributing to the child’s difficulties. This can include hearing or vision impairments, speech and language delays, or other conditions that may be affecting their development.

We understand that receiving an ASD diagnosis can be overwhelming for families. We are here to provide comprehensive updated psychoeducational testing to support educational programming and transitioning to adulthood.

Finding a positive way forward


Finding A Positive Way Forward

Why Choose Us

Our assessment team has extensive experience diagnosing ADHD and other mental health conditions.

We understand that every individual is unique, and we tailor our treatment plans to meet the specific needs of the individual.

Our ADHD assessments are in-depth, using tests, questionnaires, and interviews to gain a full understanding of symptoms and causes.


The Benefits of an ASD Assessments

ASD assessments can provide a range of benefits for individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) including:

Early identification: Early identification of ASD can help ensure that children and adolescents receive the appropriate support and resources they need to thrive. ASD assessments can help identify the unique strengths and challenges of the individual and provide personalized recommendations for intervention and therapy.

Accurate diagnosis: ASD assessments can help provide an accurate diagnosis, which is essential for accessing appropriate treatments and services. An accurate diagnosis can also help individuals and families better understand their loved one's unique situation and develop effective strategies for coping and support.

Access to support and resources: An ASD assessment can help individuals and families access a range of support and resources, including therapy, educational programming, and community resources. These resources can help individuals with ASD reach their full potential and improve their quality of life.

Improved communication: ASD assessments can help identify communication challenges and provide tailored recommendations for improving communication skills. This can help individuals with ASD better express their needs and communicate with others, which can improve their social interactions and overall well-being.

Our team of experienced and compassionate psychologists is dedicated to helping individuals achieve greater emotional well-being through evidence-based assessments and treatments.

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