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Assessments for adults

An individual who is having difficulties learning can benefit from a psychological evaluation of skills and abilities, which can aid in properly identifying the problem and providing appropriate treatment suggestions as well as academic support and accommodations.

Helping you to achieve your full potential

Randall Symes Psychological Services provides comprehensive assessments for adults in Alberta including learning, ADHD, and intellectual giftedness assessments. These assessments help determine the reasons why an adult may be having difficulty learning, remembering information, focusing, or interacting with others.

Learning assessments for adults can help improve self-awareness about their unique learning needs and may grant them access to accommodations and supports at post-secondary and/or in the workplace. In addition, we utilize a variety of rating scales that evaluate emotional, behavioural, social, and adaptive functioning.


We can help identify problems that can be used to assist individuals to better themselves

Our psychologists recognize how important it is to respect your experience, listen closely, and provide an evidence-based “road map” for the way forward.

Some people may seek psychological testing for a range of reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Difficulty in school or at work
  • Difficulty with attention or concentration
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Problems with thinking
  • Changes in mood
  • Changes in sleep or appetite
  • Relationship issues
  • Behavior problems
  • Mental health concerns
  • Diagnosis or disability determination

Our Process

What to expect

You can start the process by either calling our office or using our contact form.

We run a series of comprehensive tests that are highly effective in assessing strengths & challenges.

Get tailored recommendations that address your learning and/or emotional and behavioral difficulties.

What our assessment includes

Our assessments are comprehensive and individually tailored for the concern at hand. Testing sessions typically include a clinical interview, standardized intelligence (IQ testing) and cognitive testing, evaluation of academic achievement, memory, adaptive skills and measures of attention span and impulsivity.

Your results, including cognitive and learning patterns and potential diagnoses, will be detailed in a report and reviewed with you, along with specific recommendations based on our findings.

A number of possible diagnoses or problems can be identified, as a result of an assessment, including:

  • An individual’s thinking/reasoning abilities
  • Information processing (e.g. memory, attention, executive functioning)
  • Academic achievement (e.g. reading, writing, math, oral language)
  • Social difficulties
  • Intellectual giftedness
  • Learning disabilities/disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia)
  • Behavioural and emotional strengths and weaknesses

Here for


Disability eligibility determination assessment

People with intellectual disabilities applying to AISH or PDD may be required to provide a recent diagnostic assessment as part of their application.

We are pleased to offer assessments for specific needs or outcomes, including community supports such as the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) and Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) programs, as well as to provide information regarding possible guardianship and trusteeship decisions.

AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped) is a program that provides financial assistance to adults who have disabilities that substantially limit their ability to work. PDD (Persons with Developmental Disabilities) funds services and programs that support adult Albertans with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible in the community.

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Our comprehensive adult assessments are designed to provide helpful information, supportive answers, and individually-tailored recommendations.

You do not need a referral from a physician to make an appointment. Please contact us now to get started.